Untangle anxiety & live with more ease

Using mindfulness & compassion to support folks identifying as women in untangling their stress & anxiety, and couples in nurturing their partnership.

Ellie Miller, LCSW-C

 learn the tools to live with more ease, and untangle worried thinking. 

My clients struggle like you do. Despite being creative, funny, smart, and compassionate, life is hard. When they first come in, they are often caught up in worried thoughts about what other's may think of them, or what could go wrong in the future. And on top of this, they're tired of trying to get rid of their anxiety, only to find it getting stronger.

They may try to distract themselves from their dreadful thoughts and feelings by scrolling online, avoiding being alone with their thoughts, or seeking reassurance from others. Before coming into therapy, my clients are not only feeling anxious or self-conscious, but also judging themselves for feeling this way.

Their ruminating and worrying gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren't the secure partner they want to be. They fear their anxiety may pass on to their kids. And their confidence in social settings is taking a hit. Before they came to see me they worried that self criticism and self doubt would always occupy their minds. They worried that even joyful times would be interrupted by fear about what's around the corner, or regret about something from the past. 

Like my clients, you deserve to be present with the things that are important to you without interruption, and to live a full life. Self acceptance and self trust are not out of your reach, anxiety is workable.

If you want to trust your capability to handle anxiety when it comes up, without getting swept away by it, I'd love to help you get there.


Email or call to set up a free 15 minute phone or video consultation with me to get your questions answered and hear more about my approach. If we feel like a good fit for each other, we'll go ahead and pick a time to meet for your first session!


Fill out intake paperwork online that I'll send to you before our first session.


Log into a secure portal through Simple Practice for our video telehealth appointment at our scheduled time (instructions will be sent beforehand!). In our first session we'll go over paperwork, start getting to know each other, and get a better sense what you'd like to work on in therapy together!

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