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I look forward to helping you find more  presence, spaciousness, and self trust.

Hi there! I'm Ellie, a therapist in private practice, a musician, a mom, a partner, and a lover of creativity & curiosity.


I use mindfulness and compassion to work  with women who struggle with anxiety, because I know firsthand how terrible it feels, and I know that it is also so workable. There are plenty of effective tools for creating freedom and flexibility in the face of your anxiety. I know how exhausting and frustrating it is when it feels like anxiety keeps creeping into your day. Even when everything is seemingly fine on the outside, the downward spiral of thoughts keeps you on the lookout for what could go wrong next, getting in the way of full presence with so many precious moments.

I can't say that I'm a big fan of anxiety, but at this point I can say that I'm grateful for the path it has kickstarted me on. With a combo of the luck of stumbling upon some wonderful teachers and through hard work, I've learned about transforming the stickiness and tightness of anxiety into experiences of presence, wholeness and compassion. In sessions I bring my natural tendency towards curiosity and compassion, along with a sense of humor & lightheartedness. 









The work I do is influenced by my personal practice and formal studies of mindfulness meditation, compassion, and lovingkindness. I hold a Master’s in Social Work from The University of Maryland, Baltimore.  I love working with my clients, and I'm always learning more about how to best serve them. In addition to mindfulness practices I'm also guided by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an evidence based approach to living more fully in the present moment, living a life that is guided by your values, and getting less pulled around by thoughts.

Lately, when I'm not meeting with clients, I've been into reading mostly cozy sci-fi and rom coms, with non-fiction mindfulness or mental health related books scattered in there. I'm currently working my way through every season of Top Chef (love Karla, Richard & the Volt brothers).  I like playing around on my guitar and piano. For me, having a creative project to work on or getting to spend low key time with family and close friends is the best.

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