R.A.I.N. Journaling Prompt for Anxiety

When the downward spiral of anxiety is going strong, it can be hard to sort out our thoughts and get a sense of what's going on inside of us. When we have a clearer sense of what's happening with our thoughts, emotions, and physical body, the experience often becomes much more workable. R.A.I.N. is a very useful meditation practice to use when you're feeling stuck in difficult thoughts and feelings. It was created by mindfulness teacher Michele McDonald and popularized by meditation teacher and psychologist, Tara Brach. Instead of getting stuck or pulled around by the unpleasantness, it instead becomes an opportunity to take a step back and cultivate awareness, peaceful abiding, and compassion. Below you'll find guidance on how to use the teachings of R.A.I.N. in your journaling practice, along with a printable journal prompt!


The Steps of R.A.I.N.

As I mentioned above, the four steps of R.A.I.N are to recognize, allow, investigate and nurture. So when you're bumping up against a challenge in life, or feelings some really difficult feelings, pausing and going through these steps can be so helpful.


How to Use R.A.I.N. For Journaling

Usually R.A.I.N is used as a meditation practice or as on the spot steps for working with difficulties. Here you'll find a third way of using R.A.I.N. by using it as a guide for journaling. Use this printable below that I've created, or feel free to simply jot out the acronym in your own journal and go through each step. You can either pick one time a day to try to consistently checking in with yourself, or use it as needed throughout the day as challenges come up.

RAIN Journal
Download PDF • 26KB

Give it a Try

When our anxious thoughts and feelings are swirling around outside of our awareness, it's harder to stop ourselves from acting from those anxious places in us. Bringing attention to our inner state through this journaling exercise may help you gain a bit more space, calm and clarity and could easily be done in a few minutes.