3 Minute Meditation

A quick meditation to give that busy mind a break, encouraging you to pause, focus on your breath, and gain some more presence.

When This Practice Might Be Helpful

Sometimes you may only have a few minutes to squeeze in your meditation for the day. Or maybe more than a few minutes of sitting still with your mind feels like too much right now. This is totally fine and normal, I've been there plenty of times. With this brief meditation, I invite you to take a quick break from your day to pause and reconnect with the present moment by anchoring in your breath. Check out the recorded audio version below, or feel free to read the instructions, set a timer and give it a go on your own!



  • Get seated in a comfortable position, upright yet relaxed

  • Notice any tension in your body, stretch it out as needed

  • Notice where you feel the breath the strongest, maybe that's the air flowing in and out of your nose, or the rise and fall of your chest or belly. Place your attention there.

  • Follow the in breath and the out breath, either mentally whispering "in and out" or counting breaths.

  • kindly label thinking as it happens (it will!) and gently bring your attention back to your breath

Using This Practice on the Spot

This practice can be helpful on its own, but I definitely recommend drawing from it's benefits when you're up and about going through your day.

  • Try picking a few moments through the day where you pause and focus on your breath, even if just for a few cycles in and out

  • It can be helpful to pick moments throughout the day where you regularly pause to watch your breath for a moment. Maybe that's every time you open a door, every time you change positions from sitting to standing, or when you wash your hands. Pause and focus on the breath, in and out.

You Got This.

It's totally normal, whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned meditator, to go through periods where doing those longer sessions is just not gonna happen. A few minutes

a day is great, and you deserve that quick reset.