Scheduling Self Care

How Scheduling Coping Tools Can Help.

We add all kinds of daily tasks into our schedule, but we frequently find ourselves too busy or tired by the end of the day to add in some of those self care items or coping tools to our calendar. If you're struggling to get started with some new healthier habits, writing them into our schedule as we would other tasks, can help you prioritize them. The more specific we are about when, where and for how long we plan on using these tools, the more likely they are to get done.


Weekly Wellness Planners

Below I've included two different "weekly wellness planners". Feel free to take a look at each and see which one feels like a better fit for you. You can either pick one self care tool to focus on for the week, or pick a few!

weekly wellness planner 2
Download PDF • 133KB

weekly wellness planner 1
Download PDF • 35KB

Coping Skills List

I've also included a printout for listing your coping tools, so you can keep them all in one spot, and be reminded of ones you've been meaning to practice. This list could also be helpful for those moments throughout the week when we know it would be helpful to draw upon one of our handy self care tools but can't think of any to try when our mind is caught up in anxiety.

mindful coping skills
Download PDF • 17KB

Give it a Try

Go ahead and pick a wellness planner (or both?) to try for the week. Maybe the planner can act as a brainstorming exercise, and then you can merge these plans right into your daily life/work calendars! Take some time to fill out the coping skills list, and enjoy reflecting on tools you're already using, while letting yourself look forward to trying out some new ones!