individual therapy

mindful therapy for women with anxiety

Mindfulness: My go to definition of mindfulness comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn; “Awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.” 


How Mindfulness Can Help Anxiety: Half of the time we have no idea we’re lost in thought until we’ve gone wayyy down a rabbit hole. By paying more attention to the present moment, with kindness, we can notice when our mind is going off the rails, and work with our thoughts more intentionally, rather than letting them pull us around or getting stuck in them.


We Might Be a Good Fit For Each Other If:

  • You’re having a hard time focusing on the things that matter to you 

  • You’re worrying about what could go wrong in the future, and worried that you won’t be able to handle it 

  • You find yourself cringing often over things you’ve said or done

  • A sense of dread seems to pop up for you out of nowhere

  • You’re comparing yourself to others, wondering why others don’t struggle with “simple” things like you

  • Maybe you have a little experience with mindfulness through meditation apps or even some yoga and want to use your practice to work with anxiety. Maybe you’ve had no exposure to mindfulness before, but you’re into the idea of feeling more grounded in the present, and kinder to yourself.

What Our Sessions Will Look Like

  • I’m currently only offering video telehealth, offered through Simple Practice, which is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure

  • Before we first meet, I’ll send you a link to fill out some initial paperwork, and a link for our video appointment. I’ll also send you instructions for logging in, to take any guesswork out of it for you.

  • I like to meet weekly for the first 6 sessions or so at least, and then I’m happy to reassess, and decide together when that can be spaced out more. Generally speaking, if what brings you into therapy has been more of an ongoing issue, weekly sessions may be helpful for longer.

  • Our sessions will be a mix of talking things through, working with anxiety as it comes up, and learning practical tools to use in your daily life


  • Sessions last 50 minutes, at a fee of $140 per session. I collect payment at the beginning of each session through Simple Practice, a secure private practice management software. I accept all major credit, debit, FSA, and HSA cards.

  • If needed, I can provide receipts that can be submitted to your insurance company for possible reimbursement for an out of network provider. You may also be able to use your flexible spending account to cover fees.

  • I hold a few spaces for sliding scale, reduced fee sessions, so if this is needed feel free to reach out and ask.

Present, Connected & Fully Alive.

I know that if you’re struggling with anxiety, the thought of starting therapy can ramp those nerves up. I can’t emphasize enough how workable anxiety can be, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. There are so many helpful tools out there, and I get so excited to connect my clients to them. I’m here to help you unhook from unhelpful thoughts, ground in the present moment, and live a life that’s meaningful to you.

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